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Mining: an introduction

Speak the language of mining, in English

Practise all 4 skills in English, increase your level of fluency. 

Build key vocabulary & phrases related to the mining industry.

Engage with counterparts around the world. 

Gain the essential knowledge to communicate professionally.

Why this program?

Mining is a global business. Many enterprises have operations in diverse parts of the world. They're often connected by a common language. English. 

The course is designed for geologists, mining engineers, and mineral process engineers who are not native English speakers. 

As well as supporting staff on active mining operations, those involved in International Departments, Financial Services, Commodity Trading, Mining Consultants, and Government Advisors will find it useful too.


Upon completion, you will understand the essentials of the industry and be able to confidently engage with your international peers. 



  • Professional English vocabulary

  • Your communication abilities

  • Confidence

What you can expect

An engaging English learning program based on real industry concepts and language.

An ONLINE program designed to get you fluent in the English vocabulary, and phrases used to participate internationally in various mining industries. 

The program prepares you for further mining studies by providing you with an overview of the mining industry. 

From geology to mining to mineral extraction, this course covers the breadth of the industry. Sustainable development and environmental considerations are discussed. By learning the terminology used in the industry, you will be prepared for further English-language mining courses and participation in English-related discussions in the industry. 

Program curriculum

15 weeks divided into 3 programs

Geology: from a brief history of the earth to geological mapping

Mining: beginning with alluvial
mining through to reclamation and the environment

Mineral processing: the process of arriving at the end product, including waste management and the future of the industry


  • Vocabulary

  • Fluency

  • Grammar

Unique methodology


👉🏻 Join the community + participate in discussions 

👉🏻 Following your progress


👉🏻 Advanced learning materials 

👉🏻 Constant contact to prompt you forward

👉🏻 We'll be watching how you're doing 

👉🏻 You'll be reminded to get back in the course 


👉🏻 expect  interesting information relevant to the subject

👉🏻 collaborate with your peers and share ideas

👉🏻 keeping you involved with  daily training exercises 

👉🏻 when you're progressing quickly we'll supply you with additional interesting content to check out


👉🏻 We'll be mixing 4 skills: speaking / reading / writing / listening

👉🏻 You will be taking individual 1:1 classes ONLINE once a week

👉🏻 You benefit directly from your progress

Participate actively in group activities

  • 👉🏻 The world of education is always evolving. The focus is no longer on the role of the teacher to teach but rather on the student to learn.

  • 👉🏻 You can learn a lot by collaborating with others at your level. Ask questions, share what you learn, and give feedback to others.

  • 👉🏻 Questions get answered faster in communities, without relying on responses from the instructor.


👉🏻 We encourage candidates to keep up with the pace of the program. In this way you will be better prepared for the classes.

👉🏻 Go through the lessons in SEQUENCE.

👉🏻 Do work EVERY day.

👉🏻 During the program, you are welcome to send your feedback at any time using the comments feature that is available with every lecture.

Tests, classes & assignments


Lessons contain a mix of input material in the form of reading and listening information necessary for your progress and understanding.  

Exercises will prompt you to think about what you've just learned. The exercises may use grammar drills or be based on more practical skill development and training.

There is a structure, including step-by-step instructions. 

The curriculum is always set out in advance. You will know exactly what the training exercises are, how to do them, and what the requirements are.

Icons used in the program

Icons on the left side of the pages alert you to special information. 

🧭 Information you want to check out to expand your knowledge.

🏋🏻‍♂️ Training exercises.

📢 speaking/writing practice using the community boards. 

📖 assignments. 

🛠 More technical terms help to build your vocabulary.

🏁 quizzes.

 If you are ever confused about how to do something, simply ask for help through our email channel. This can usually be found at the bottom of the training pages.


👉🏻 Create a shortcut to the course, so you can easily log in every day. We will always provide you links in our communication to make this easier too. 

👉🏻 When studying a foreign language, one of the best techniques is to mix your skill training (listening, reading, speaking, and writing) and train on these daily. 

👉🏻 This takes more time and requires you to either think deeply or interrupt your own language environment daily. This is an intentional feature of our programs. 

👉🏻 It is especially important if you really want to improve your use of English in specific topics.

👉🏻 Practice and daily training have a cumulative effect. You might not notice improvements each day, but just keep training yourself and you will develop fluency in the subject. 

👉🏻 You will soon realize your vocabulary increases, your pronunciation improves, and you speak more fluently.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I have feedback/ideas about how to improve this program.

If you have any feedback at all - we would like to hear from you. Simply leave a comment at the bottom of the individual lectures and we will consider it for future improvements to the program. 

Is this program accessible from my phone/tablet?

YES. We use a platform that is mobile responsive, so it adapts to the screen size of your device. 

I am busy and cannot keep up with the program and training exercises. 

If you are starting to fall behind with your work, we'll be in touch to check in on how we can help you to make progress. 

The course creator

Loic Bellet

Native English business language coach English. Business executive with over 20 years of experience in international trade and business management. MBA and Member of IATEFL, I hold TEFL + online & business English teaching certifications. - online and offline TEFL qualified. - fluent in the language of business. - able to converse at different levels of business management. Specialised in Business English aimed at improving clients' ability to communicate across a range of business topics and disciplines.