Upgrade your life as you upgrade your English skills. Go far beyond English class.

This is not an English course.

It's your SURVIVAL course. 

Embark on a journey of self-discovery. Use ancient wisdom to find the answers in yourself. Improving all aspects of your life.  


Countries are united against one Pandemic. 

They're divided amongst themselves.

Economies are vulnerable.

Societies are unstable. 

We don't yet know how, but the world we know has changed. 

One philosophy has withstood the challenges of society for thousands of years. 


A philosophy you need right now.

The ability to take charge. To do more with less. To observe and take action. 

Isn't this what you should have learned? 

This course shares the wisdom of the ancients. Originally written in Latin and Greek. Translated into English. 

An art of living practised by leaders. It's understood by those who succeed. 

We all have a safe place. 

A way to control our surroundings. 

And know our place in the world. 

Both in our private lives and in business.

You too can thrive, if you understand the ideas. Form new habits. Apply the principles. 

They are written in English. 

By the end of the course, you will know how to apply Stoicism in your own life. 

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome :)

    • A quick message from your instructor (Loic)

    • Tell us a bit about yourself

  • 2

    What is Stoicism?

    • Welcome to Stoicism in English

    • What is Stoicism: Video (listening exercise)

    • What is Stoicism: Reading aloud and 23 vocabulary examples and explanations

    • What is Stoicism? Let's play true / false

  • 3

    How did Stoicism begin?

    • The start of Stoicism: Video (listening exercise)

    • The start of Stoicism: Reading aloud and 10 vocabulary examples and explanations

    • How did Stoicism begin? Select the correct answer

  • 4

    Who were the Stoics?

    • The Stoics: Video (listening exercise)

    • The Stoics: Reading aloud and 5 vocabulary examples and explanations

    • The philosophy of Stoicism - by Massimo Pigliucci - Video (listening exercise)

    • About the next exercise

    • Comprehension questions from " The philosophy of Stoicism " video

    • Marcus Aurelius: Video (listening exercise)

    • Marcus Aurelius: Reading aloud and 20 vocabulary examples and explanations

    • What do you know about Marcus Aurelius?

    • Reflection: quote by Marcus Aurelius

    • Seneca: Video (listening exercise)

    • Seneca: Reading aloud and 15 vocabulary examples and explanations

    • Synonyms Exercise

    • Synonyms test

    • Reflection: quote by Seneca

    • Epictetus: Video (listening exercise)

    • Epictetus: Reading aloud and 20 vocabulary examples and explanations

    • Fill the gap - multiple choice exercise

    • Reflection: quote by Epictetus

  • 5

    What are the 4 virtues of Stoicism?

    • The 4 virtues of Stoicism. 1.Courage: Video (listening exercise)

    • The 4 virtues of Stoicism. 1.Courage: Reading aloud and 8 vocabulary examples and explanations

    • Words which mean the opposite, including 12 vocabulary examples and explanations

    • The 4 virtues of Stoicism. 2.Temperance: Video (listening exercise)

    • The 4 virtues of Stoicism. 2.Temperance: Reading aloud and 16 vocabulary examples and explanations

    • Why should you do phrase-matching in English?

    • English: Match phrases from the text to the correct meaning

    • The 4 virtues of Stoicism. 3.Justice: Video (listening exercise)

    • The 4 virtues of Stoicism. 3.Justice: Reading aloud and 18 vocabulary examples and explanations

    • Free writing exercise - for your own practice

    • The 4 virtues of Stoicism. 4.Wisdom: Video (listening exercise)

    • The 4 virtues of Stoicism. 4.Wisdom: Reading aloud and 15 vocabulary examples and explanations

    • Prepositions exercise up next

    • Prepositions!

    • Start practising Stoicism

  • 6

    Start of a language adventure. Living the good life. Become the Best Version of Yourself

    • Share your thoughts

    • Thank you for joining our short program

    • Credits

Hi, I’m Loic

I help clients converse easily at any level. I share practical techniques that have worked for decades. 

You will learn English faster by mixing interesting topics like Stoicism with the 4 skills of listening, speaking, writing and reading. All whilst learning about Stoicism. 

As you begin to use these techniques, you will sound more fluent when you talk with your colleagues. And become the better version of yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions 

When does the course start and finish? 

You can start anytime by clicking [ENROLL] 

You have lifetime access to the course.

How long should this course take me to complete?

It is a completely self-paced online course. 

For the best result, you should complete the course in 9 days. 

Invest 30 – 60 min every 1-2 days. 

Can I access this course on my mobile? 

YES, and on your tablet, and on your computer. 

What level of English should I have to sign up for this course? 

B2 - C1 level**

**The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) uses these levels.

Couldn’t I just find this information for free online? 


A simple search for "stoicism" will get you over 21 Million entries on Google.

You won't have the time to search for this when you need it. 

Your time is precious. This short introductory course is currently offered free.  

What is the purpose of this course? 

The most widely-spoken business language in the world today. 

A lot of the Stoic works have been translated into English. You want to improve your English. Connect with more people on a higher level. 

What format is the course delivered? 

The course is delivered both in video and written lessons. We have you covered in all skills. Reading aloud (reading/speaking), writing, listening.